Dealers, please inspect products thoroughly for damage upon receipt to ensure that they meet quality standards and that there is no need for exchange or return. Due to the solid wood nature of our products, proper care while on dealers’ showroom floors or warehouses is very important to their longevity in your customers’ homes. Items returned for cracks/splits in the wood must be returned for exchange within 60 days of purchase. If the items show heat/sun damage or fading, they will not be eligible for return or exchange. Additionally, all items returned/exchanged for any reason must be free of stains and other evidence of “use abuse” in order to receive credit or replacement.

We apologize that we are having to get more strict with the policy due to it being abused far too often, but after writing off over $100K in a year due to abuse of the return policy, it has unfortunately become an imperative business decision. We continue to appreciate each and every one of you and are glad to have you as part of the Million Dollar family!